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Team Captain Agreement

Team captains have a special role in our leagues and we support and welcome your input to make the season (or event) the best possible experience.

With this role comes responsibilities, if you do not feel up for enforcing league policy with your team, you may want to reconsider the role of captain.

Captain Requirements:

  • Team captains are considered the point of contact for their team. If a player is ejected or suspended, we will contact the team captain, who will be responsible for informing the team member of the disciplinary actions. 
  • Ejected players are not to contact the office.
  • Team captains are expected to help facilitate good sportsmanship from their players. Act as the role model for the team in good sportsmanship and attitude.
  • Team captains are expected to help make sure ejected players leave the athletic complex, field or gym immediately.
  • If a team captain is suspended a week, put a temporary player in as captain. In the rare instance a team captain is suspended for the season or longer, the team must come up with a new  captain to help coordinate the team.
  • Captains play a supporting role with officials, making sure team players are following codes of conduct and rules.

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