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Alcohol Policy

Comeback Sports has strict policies regarding consumption, possession and presence of alcohol/controlled substances at any field or gym. No affiliated team member (player, non-player, coach) may possess or consume alcoholic beverages from the start of their first game of the day through the conclusion of the final game played that day.

  • No alcoholic beverages of any sort may be brought into the athletic complexes, fields or gyms.
  • Staff reserves the right to inspect coolers, bags, cups, or any other container which may be used to conceal or contain alcohol.
  • Showing up intoxicated will result in the player being ejected, a (1) week suspension, and being placed on probation. Repeat violators will be suspended additional games.
  • If an umpire or referee must ask the team to stop drinking after 1 warning, the team will forfeit the game, and be on probation.

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the parking lots outside of any fields or gyms. The penalty for inappropriate alcoholic consumption varies with incident from ejection, game forfeiture, to team expulsion and all degrees in between. Alcohol is illegal in city parks, fields and gyms, which Comeback Sports is a renter.

We ask that all teams, players, spectators support our Sponsor Bars for post-game fun. They offer deals on food/drinks for our teams/players.

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